Nógrádi Law Office attorneys are experienced litigators offering full range of litigation and arbitration services to clients from various fields of industries, including counseling and representation in legal disputes before Hungarian courts, arbitration tribunals and other authorities.
Our highly-qualified dispute resolution lawyers are the masters of problem solving, who are always regard their first priority to resolve disputes quickly and effectively. Our litigation team is client-focused, professional and pragmatic.

Reflecting our clients’ both legal and economic needs and demands, we also provide services which seek the achievement of out-of-court settlements, considering that in particular matters the prevention of dispute is the best possible solution.We have a successful practice in resolving commercial and business disputes through mediation. By mediation the conflict of interests may be resolved in a way that is more advantageous for both parties in the dispute than a costly and long litigation. The key for successful mediation is to understand the different motives and interests of the parties, to be impartial in the dispute and to offer practical, but innovative, legal solutions to bridge the dispute of the parties involved.