Péter Nógrádi established the Nógrádi Law Office in 1991. Since then, it has developed into a well-known, civil law firm, providing a wide range of professional legal services to clients at the highest level of quality and dedication.

Our creative, dynamic and outstandingly competent team of lawyers is committed in offering and achieving the most suitable and effective legal solutions for our clients. Many of our team members have spent over a decade with us and most of our associates have started their legal carreer in our law firm.

The satisfaction of our clients is proven by their loyalty to us, and we are proud to have served many of our clients for a number of years, some of them since the establishment of the law firm.

The Nógrádi Law Office’s legal practice specializes in business law, provide legal consulting, advising and legal representation services in corporate and private matters, including litigious and non-litigious matters for local clients, international companies, foundations, diplomatic corps, and private individuals. We provide our legal services not only in Hungarian, but also in English, German and Hebrew.

Our mission statement:

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of legal service, in particular:

  • being effective, competitive, honest and responsive;
  • understanding the approach of the client at first, and then initiating the legal methods to reflect those interests;
  • always bearing in mind the legitimate interest of our client and promoting those interests creatively by applying the corresponding laws and regulations;
  • acting in timely manner (appreciating that this is a basic factor of any business or legal proceeding);
  • being reasonable in our charges and keeping bills and expenses under control;
  • representing our client energetically, but maintaining a respectful manner towards its business partners and third parties, courts and authorities;
  • being business minded and flexible, but firm where it is needed;
  • earning our clients' trust by professionalism, credibility and integrity;
  • looking for compromise in mediating a dispute to achieve an amicable, but positive settlement.