The merger and acquisition of companies and establishment of joint ventures commences with a comprehensive legal due diligence procedure. We have developed our legal due diligence screening method of target companies to evaluate all possible legal risks, from labour relationships to contracts with third parties, different operating licenses, leases and real estate matters. We pay special attention to industry specific regulations, such as safety and environmental protection regulations, and intellectual property rights. A detailed legal due diligence report may greatly facilitate the proper evaluation of the target venture to be acquired or joined.

We believe that long-lasting and harmonious joint ventures and mergers are established through detailed and well-regulated syndicate contracts. The art of drafting a syndicate contract is to understand the business and to foresee the potential conflicts between the parties, the risks that may arise during the operation of the joint venture. We are experienced in drafting syndicate contracts, balancing economic powers and decision-making rights, preventing and handling potential deadlocks, precisely articulating the parties’ aims and interests.