Through our professional presence in the United Kingdom (London) and being a member of international organizations of law professionals, Nógrádi Law Office provides high quality cross-border legal services worldwide.

We at the Nógrádi Law Office know that legal matters do not stop at borders; corporate transactions, company structures, trade, even the family relations have entered into international arena. We believe that our clients deserve the highest quality cross-border legal service, which is provided by the Nógrádi Law Office through its international allied law firms.
The legal networks our office has joined have a common goal, which is to provide clients reliable legal services in those foreign countries where the network partners practice. We meet our allied legal partners on a regular basis in order to maintain close relationship. At least twice a year the network holds seminars or congresses to share our experience and knowledge. We keep each other informed on important developments in our own jurisdiction. This networking method allows us to have personal relationship with the allied members of the network. When turning for support on behalf of our client to our allied partner in the jurisdiction where he/she practices, we can assure the same personalized and professional care for our client to which he/she has become accustomed from us.

This cooperation among member law firms is for the benefit of our respective clients. In case our client requires high standard professional legal service in a foreign jurisdiction we are able to grant that service through well known and reliable members of the network.


Nógrádi Law Office is a member of Interlegal, which is a reputable and international legal network , its members consisting of experienced lawyers from countries across the five continents.

Interlegal is an alliance of independent law firms worldwide from over 30 countries. Interlegal network is an attractive and accountable alternative to employing large international firms. Interlegal advises/acts for a diverse clientele, from large public corporations and public authorities to small businesses and individuals. It offers clients a full range of corporate legal services, complemented by knowledge of business, customs and local culture within their country.

Interlegal`s core aim is to provide to its clients high quality legal services by firms with local legal knowledge. Interlegal helps  clients of the member firms by providing legal assistance in their international and cross border transactions, and by providing a range of comprehensive legal services offered by the firms within Interlegal network with various areas of specialist expertise.


Nógrádi Law Office has also joined EuroCollectNet, an association of European law firms offering a comprehensive cost-effective service for the collection of debt throughout Europe and worldwide by the friends of EuroCollectNet.

European Law Group

The European Law Group (ELG) was established in 1983, and its members – including our Office – work in close cooperation throughout Europe. The focus for ELG has been to assist clients in their increasing demands for cross border legal services in Europe.